Security & Compliance in Compliant Cloud

The traditional reasons of why an organization turns to the public cloud is cost savings or to augment their private cloud capacity. Although these reasons are still valid, a more important reason is on the rise, namely security. Organizations are coming to realize that providers can invest and specialize far more in people and processes to deliver a secure infrastructure.

But security in itself is not good enough. Highly regulated industries and organisations are hesitant to step into a public cloud because of all the regulatory demands they are facing these days. Basel, Solvency and GDPR to name a few. This is the main reason why City Network has created a specific service targeted towards regulated organizations. It is our goal to provide our customers with all the benefits from a public cloud while at the same time ensuring that they can meet all the regulatory demands.

This paper outlines the way we ensure that our customers can have top grade security and meet all their regulatory demands at the same time.



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