With our dedicated team and fully compliant infrastructure service (IaaS), government authorities are able to leverage the flexibility and scalability of a cloud based infrastructure, with a pay as you go model.

Regulatory Compliant
Launch your services in our regulatory compliant IaaS.
Pay as you go
Semi-private IaaS with a pay as you go model. You only pay for the recourses you use.
Go hybrid
Scale out to City Cloud for Healthcare if you already have your own data center.

Increasingly, product development and acquisition of new customers is driven by digital innovations where the need for computing power is unpredictable. To help you stay on top of innovation and be business agile, we have created a dedicated IaaS platform for industries and government authorities that are governed by specific laws and regulations concerning auditing, reputability, data handling.

Our service, City Cloud for Governments, enables any government organisation in Sweden to be compliant with all the general data protection regulations and legal demands for government authorities, such as PUL (Sweden).

To learn more about how your organisation can move to an OpenStack-based IaaS while still being fully compliant, please contact us.

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